Sport epilation procedure

Doubtless advantage of Sport line products is maximal painlessness of the procedure. The combination of 3 factors is used to achieve the effect:

1) improved wax adhesion that provides good adhesion to skin, fast and clean epilation;

2) menthol which is included in wax composition for the first time significantly reduces sensitivity to the procedure and has relaxing mint fragrance due to cooling effect;

3) there is high level of antibacterial protection in every product. It provides quick skin recovery gives possibility to athletes to continue training right after the procedure and provides new level of comfort to active people allowing to stick to their daily toil.

There is special focus on skin care products before and after epilation in line. Each of them gives light anesthetic effect. The formulas are enriched with hair growth inhibitor.

High-efficiency and painless epilation with prolonged result and intensive skin care for sport and active life.