Black Truffle Hair Growth Inhibitor Mousse (Шаг 4B)

Bottle 200 ml

Mousse based on black truffle extract and plant complex weakens and inhibits hair growth, exercise regenerative, cicatrizing, and softening action. Light and airy texture sinks quickly entering open follicles after epilation and actively working on a more deeper level. It is effective even during home care after normal skin. Due to acids it slowly exfoliates the skin preventing hair ingrowth. To achieve better result it is used along with Body Serum Concentrate Post Epil 2 in 1.

Active ingredients: water, olive oil, witch hazel extract, sunflower oil, extracts of: oat, licorice, aloe vera, daisy, jasmine flowers, cabbage rose, black truffle, castor oil, citric acid, phytic acid, ascorbic acid.