Serum Post Epil Concentrate 2 in 1

20 ampoules x 10 ml

Being a unique scientific solution of PhytoLab laboratory the serum exercise double action, it retards hair growth and prevents hair ingrowth. Enriched with inhibitors and antibacterial components it enters the pores opened due to epilation at application right after epilation. It retards hair growth and promotes fast healing influencing follicles directly. It contains plant-extracted products that softly care of skin. At subsequent daily application during 5 days after epilation it significantly prolongs the effect of the procedure and promotes skin health care. Salicylic acid and zinc oxide softly exfoliate the skin preventing hair ingrowth.

Active ingredients: water, salicylic acid, papaya leaves extract, daisy extract, jasmine flowers extract, cabbage rose flower oil, tocopheryl acetate, eugenol (zinc oxide).