Wax epilation

The conceptual Depilica Professional™ wax epilation offers not just hot products it offers ready-made cosmetic procedures guarantying their diversity and completeness of means to carry them out, transforming them in other form and filling with new meaning and idea. In other words it is something more than just epilation. Depilica Professional products developed by Spanish laboratory PhytoLab represent a full range of modern professional tools for carrying out effective salon epilation and skin care products. The offering of new salon procedures gives additional opportunities for professionals and transforms care from routine into the event for their clients.

The combination of traditional and innovative ideas within the brand concept is perfect solution for wax epilation line nowadays. Depilica Professional offers to professionals main Basic waxing procedure and several exclusive procedures to extend the menu of the salon. These are Luxury procedure based on black truffle extract, SPA-procedure based on argan oil and Sport procedure based on menthol and protective complex for people with active lifestyle.

Depilica Professional lines and procedures

Lines/products Basic line Argan Oil line Black Truffle line Sport line
Waxes Natural Pine
With pine resin
Olive Oil
With olive oil
With milk peptides
Argan Oil
With argan oil
Black Truffel
With black truffle extract
Texture Transparent Transparent Creamy Creamy Transparent Medium, translucent Medium, translucent
Warm wax Cartridge, 100 ml Cartridge, 100 ml Cartridge, 100 ml - Cartridge, 100 ml Cartridge, 100 ml Cartridge, 100 ml
  Can, 800 g Can, 800 g Can, 800 g - Can, 800 g Can, 800 g -
Hot wax - Pack, 500 g Pack, 500 g - - - Granules, 1000 g
Film wax - - - Can, 800 g Can, 800 g - Can, 800 g
Step 1 - Cleansing Cleansing Lotion, 500 ml Cleansing and Protective Body Gel 500 ml
Step 3 – Tack removal Cleansing Oil, 500 ml Cleansing Argan Body Oil 500 ml Cleansing Oil 500 ml
Step 4 – Skin care Cooling Plant Gel, 500 ml - Nourishing Body Lotion 250 ml
Nourishing Milk, 500 ml Argan Oil Body milk 500 ml Black Truffle Body milk -
Additional skin care Serum Post Epil Concentrate 2 in 1, 20 х 10 ml

The traditional and exclusive products presented in Depilica Professional range have modern formulas based on natural raw materials laced with plant extracted products and essential oils. The brand basis is wide range of waxes with variety of textures and methods of application allowing esthetician to solve any problems even the most complex.

Wax types and peculiarities of their application

Wax typesOperation toHeat-up timeApplication areaApplication methodBenefits
Warm waxes 37-39oС 15-20 minutes For wide areas, different skin and hair types depending on texture Application: cartridge/spatula.
Removal: non-woven strips.
Good adhesion, convenient to use on wide body areas, suitable for novice experts
Hot waxes 45oС 15-20 minutes For small parts of sensitive areas, intimate epilation. Mainly for short coarse hair, vellus hair. Application: spatula.
Removal: with hands without strips.
Pain reduction during procedure
Film waxes 37-39oС 15-20 minutes Universal. For all areas and hair types. Application: spatula.
Removal: with hands without strips.
Combination of hot and warm wax benefits: low melting points and high adhesion removal with hands without strips herewith.