Wine Paraffin Therapy Procedure

Both doctors, and philosophers, and gave credit for benefit of wine. To SPA-procedures amateurs Depilica Professional offers mentally find yourself in sunny Spain and enjoy traditional wine therapy. You will be pleasantly surprised with body silk, its smoothness and moisture content after such procedure. Bioactive agents that compose different types of wines have unrivaled antioxidant properties, they remove waste and toxins, improve immunity and skin protective functions. Wine paraffin therapy procedure exercises toning, refreshing, and rejuvenating action to skin, it makes the skin firm and elastic. It promotes skin lightning, removes pigment stains, improve lymph and blood circulation. It relaxes nervous tension and muscle strain, restores inner balance, provides good health.

Wine SPA-care is also a antistress procedure that helps to transform outwardly, as well as restore good mood.

Product line for wine paraffin therapy procedure is enriched with SPA-tools that can be applied under paraffin and for subsequent care. To prepare and clean the skin before the procedure it is recommended to use Cleansing Gel and Exfoliating Body Cream from Base skin care. The procedure completes with application of Protective and Restoring hand and foot cream.