Paraffin Therapy

Depilica Professional paraffin therapy is incredibly pleasant procedure. As a result even very dry skin becomes soft and silk velvet. Depilica offers products for hot, as well as cold paraffin therapy.

Hot paraffin procedure stimulates blood circulation, relaxes the muscles, relieves a stress and muscle spasms. It is used for hands and feet skin care when the skin is dehydrated, there is insufficiency of collagen in the skin (especially during winter time), dryness, microcracks, and rough skin. Occlusive film forms on skin during procedure. This film prevents moisture evaporation and simultaneous warmth action activates blood circulation and provides deeper penetration of active components into epidermis. Hot paraffin therapy can be combined with many cosmetic and therapeutic procedures. This is excellent way to rejuvenate and restore the skin, as well as recover from everyday stresses, relax and relieve distress.

Cold paraffin can be applied on any parts of the body and all skin types (including most sensitive skin), on complex areas (knees, elbows), and also in a case when there are contraindications for hot paraffin use. Cold paraffin procedure is similar to hot paraffin procedure but without thermal influence. At the same time it also allows to solve esthetic problems effectively, as well as a hot paraffin therapy. This is the universal and incredibly easy-to-use product that allows to make procedure in salons of a different class, and also in beauty and therapeutic cabinets.