Depilica Professional is a brand that consolidated experience and needs of practitioners all over the world with modern scientific and production breakthroughs.

Product range comprises several independent and complementary lines of cosmetology that is wax epilation, paraffin therapy, and body skin care.

Inspiration became ardent desire to bring innovations in traditional industry of radiant skin creation brought by accumulated experience of practitioners, their modern needs, need for implementation of new services of higher standards, and new quality of materials.

“Conceptual” approach to epilation lies not only in offering just effective products but a complex of ready-made salon procedures enriched with homecare products, as well as adding great comfort to a client with wax epilation procedure.

It is exactly offering of new salon procedures that give options for professionals to extend and vary the menu of the salon that can help to bring in more clients and satisfy the requests of the most demanding of them. From routine the epilation turns out to be full and even luxurious skin care and pleasant beauty-event for the clients.