All men like Sport!


It was thought that men’s epilation is popular among athletes, swimmers, as well as modeling and show business. Nowadays this esthetic procedure is popular among men apart from their occupation.

Underarm waxing, wax eyebrow correction, hair and nose epilation, bikini area epilation becomes more popular. Seeing long-term effect very soon many men refuse to use shaving set. However, painlessness of the procedure and unpredictable skin reaction can be significant obsticle when men decide to use epilation only.

Waxing specialist should consider peculiarities of men’s physiology while working with client. There are several peculiarities: firstly because endocrine profile influence 2-3 hair may grow from one hair follicle. Secondly, men’s hair thicker more opulent and grow faster than women’s. This is why men need more frequent epilation than women. Besides, men’s hair follicles have reticulate structure. If the procedure is performed with low grade or usual wax and unprofessionally it may lead to complications such as long term hyperemia and edema, folliculitis and hair ingrowth.

Developing products of Depilica Professional Sport wax line specialists of PhytoLab laboratory (Spain) took into consideration all the peculiarities of men’s epilation, as well as needs of clients that have active lifestyle. Well thought-out and optimally selected main components composition of waxes allows specialists to work with them on higher level, giving weighty arguments to clients such as quick and comfort procedure.

One of the main innovations of the Sport line is menthol which is included in wax for the first time. Due to cooling effect it eliminates discomfort and significantly reduces painlessness of the procedure. Its mint fragrance exercises relaxing action. It gives specialist possibility Sport line hot wax on the most delicate and temperature sensitive areas.

The second and important peculiarity of Sport line wax is improved adhesion which provides good adhesion to hair and allows to perform epilation well and quickly.

There are Sport line skin care products which will include high antibacterial protection components along with menthol. Their use will exclude possible complications after procedure and will help restore quickly. This means that after waxing procedure athletes will be able to continue to train and active people can come back to their daily routine.