Depilica Professional Wine Paraffin Therapy: apparent rejuvenation and skin lightening


In this article we bring to your notice outcomes of experiment based on Depilica Professional Wine Paraffin Therapy course of procedures.

Wine paraffin therapy based on products with extracts of wine and grapes is simultaneously anti-aging and antistress, relaxing procedure which can be referred to SPA-programs. It promotes skin lightning, removes pigment stains, improves lymph and blood circulation. It relaxes nervous tension and muscle strain, restores inner balance, and provides good health. That’s why there was no question for Depilica Professional specialists concerning hand skin care for the client of beauty salon N who spent the summer working in the garden. And of course it was wine paraffin therapy! Cold and hot paraffin procedures alteration during a month gave perfect result. Daily home care use of serum and hand cream from the same line allowed to fix and improve rejuvenating effect.

Client N., 57 years old.


  • The skin is dry and rough, the feeling of tightness,
  • uneven texture,
  • wrinkles along the surface of the hands,
  • small pigment stains along the surface of the hands,
  • puffiness.


10 (Cold and hot paraffin alteration).


Wine Body Serum (in the morning and (or) in the evening),

Wine Hand Cream (in the morning and (or) in the evening).

1st day. After hot paraffin therapy one can notice puffiness elimination on hands and instant skin “impregnation“with active agents. The client notices significant lifting effect.
5th day. Due to serum and cream usage the skin is softer, deep and small wrinkles are marked less along the surface of the hands. Client notices that there is no skin tightness.
10th day of serum and cream usage. The client likes prolonged smooth and moist feeling during the day. Calcifications on joints of pointer and middle fingers are less marked.
20th day of serum and cream usage. There is visible border of the applied agents on the wrists. There is significant skin and small pigment stains lightening effect. Client notices puffiness elimination, long-lasting lifting and skin smoothness even at frequent contact with water.
30th day of serum and cream usage. Steady skin and pigment stain lightening. Elimination and smoothing of deep and small wrinkles along the surface of hands. Nail plate color improvement. Client is satisfied with body silk during the day.