The power of wine therapy


Nowadays wine paraffin therapy is one of the most popular and effective spa-procedures due to its rejuvenating and relaxing action. Expectation of such procedure “jollifies” like good wine and relaxes. Modern medicine attributes many healing properties to grape and grape processing products.

First of all unique antioxidant effect of polyphenols should be noted. Grape seeds, skin and pulp contain polyphenols. While grape seed oil is enriched with oleinic and linoleic fatty acids. These acids are irreplaceable as our body can’t synthesize them by itself. One of the most common causes of skin dryness is the lack of linoleic acid.

Fortunately this lack can be quickly compensated with help of wine paraffin therapy procedures which exercise strong moisturizing, softening, calming, and rejuvenating action to skin. Depilica Professional skin care products which are developed especially for wine paraffin therapy procedure, as well as hot and cold paraffin itself are powerful inhibitors which can protect the skin from environmental hazards (including damages caused by UV), they also support protective function of the skin.

As a reminder the effect of any paraffin therapy is based on two principles: warmth and occlusion. They are typical for cold and hot paraffin therapy. There is natural reaction of the body to temperature rise; the moist from the deep layers comes to skin surface. Due to occlusive film made by paraffin this moist stays inside which provides intensive moistening. A so-called “sauna effect” forms. Besides pores open due to warmth. It allows biologically active compounds enter deeper layers of epidermis, activate regeneration and restoration of cellular structure.

Depilica Professional wine paraffin therapy procedure (hot and cold) consists of 5 steps and takes about 30 minutes. Step 1 and 2 purify and prepare skin for the procedure. Depilica Professional Cleansing Body Gel is used to degerm the skin of the specialist and the client. This gel has active blue granules that which quickly melt on skin and exercise refreshing and calming action. Exfoliating Body Cream is applied on skin with massage moves which provides mechanical skin purification.

Step 3 - application of Wine Body Serum Concentrate. This is probably one of the main stages along with purification. This serum will work actively under paraffin layer; it will improve the efficiency of the procedure, activate cell repair process, effectively fight pigment stains, smooth and rejuvenate the skin. There are many useful and plant components in serum for anti-aging care.

Phytic acid is one of the derivatives of winemaking. It gently and deeply exfoliates the skin, and helps to prevent inflammation. Phytic pealing is very effectively fighting pigment stains. The benefits of this ingredient are the absence of such side effects as skin irritation and redness, its hypersensitivity. Phytic acid doesn’t damage deep layers of epidermis and it is safe for the skin.

Grape seed extract improves intercellular exchange, has active antioxidant properties, and provides skin nutrition. Portulaca extract reduces deep wrinkles, it exercises on muscle level. It effectively protects collage from destruction, contains a lot of vitamins (carotin, B1, B2, С, PP), fatty acids (including omega-3), micro and macroelements, as well as noradrenaline. It exercises strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action, accelerates wound healing and inflammation healing processes, calms skin that prone to irritation and allergies, softens and moists the skin.