Depilica Professional™: conceptual epilation and care


Depilica Professional™ (Spain) is a complex skin care and perfect tool for esthetician. This is why it has the name “conceptual epilation and care”..

Wax and any other type of epilation remains one of the most demanding salon procedures for several decades. Today there are a lot of techniques and products for unwanted hair removal in the market. However, many clients regard epilation as routine necessity and wince at the bare mention of epilation. They don’t think of it as luxurious procedure but think of unpleasant feelings concurrent with the procedure. Should we agree with that? Today more than ever advanced clients are focused on search of specialist who can guaranty maximum result and minimal discomfort, quality and convenience. In turn any professional understands the necessity of constant armor extension to satisfy the needs of any even the most demanding client. Beauty salon managers are often anxious about full complex of services; they are constantly changing them and experimenting with menu. Each one from the client to the manager should be beyond competition. Manufacturer of epilation products should also be beyond competition.

Today we present for professionals and their clients innovation approach in wax epilation, paraffin therapy and skin care. It is Depilica Professional™conceptual epilation.

The base of Depilica Professional™ products is recent development of Spanish laboratory PHYTOLAB. This laboratory possess fool specter of modern professional tools for optimal and effective salon and home epilation procedures and skin care. Specialists of the laboratory in close cooperation with cosmetologists, marketing experts, and brand managers studied comprehensively all the offers of wax epilation and paraffin therapy on the market and came to conclusion that introducing a new line is not enough, even if this line consists of very good products. A ready-made complex of salon procedures should be introduced to the clients and specialists. Specialists will have additional possibilities for business and clients will have the procedure of luxurious skin care.

Combination of traditional and innovative solutions became ideal tool to achieve the goal for specialists and creators of Depilica Professional™. Traditional and exclusive products that are presented in the brand suite have modern formulas based on natural raw materials, with the addition of plant extracts and essential oils.

Wax Epilation

Unwilling hair epilation becomes very comfort with Depilica Professional™ due to wide suite of waxes with traditional textures enriched with plant extracts and oils. Wax line comprises warm, hot and film waxes. But truly exclusive and brand forming are two luxe procedures. These are “black truffle” wax epilation and “argan“ wax epilation. Both procedures are developed by PHYTOLAB especially for Depilica Professional™.

The luxury of “truffle” procedure is in the product itself the extract of which is in the wax. Black truffle is considered to be the pearl of the Old World. It is the most expensive mushroom in the world, as well as the most effective cosmetic ingredient. Its extract is the source of vitamin B which exercise regenerating and invigorating action. Doubtless advantage of black truffle in epilation procedure is its ability to inhibit hair growth.

Black truffle wax has dense and flexible texture and beautiful black and pearl color. Unintrusive fragrance with soft and harsh note will emphasize delicacy and chic of the procedure due to which skin becomes faultlessly smooth and silky…

Argan oil is known to be “Berber’s gold”. It consists of desaturated fatty acids for 80%, about 35% is linoleic acid rich with vitamins, natural oxidants and serines. Due to its unique composition argan oil effectively copes with such drawbacks as skin dryness, dehydration, redness, loss of elasticity, and flexibility,mimic wrinkles and small scars. It makes procedure more delicate and quickly eliminates feeling of discomfort.

Argan oil wax has translucent flexible texture with glittering golden particles. At its heating air slowly fills with harsh fragrance dipping you into the relaxing orient atmosphere…

Paraffin Therapy

Original SPA-procedure is presented with several types of paraffin that can exercise pleasant action to skin enriching it with herbal extracts and vitamins. There are three high effective procedures on the basis of these products: moisturizing, toning, and anti-aging based on red wine.

Warm paraffin improves blood circulation and lymph efflux, as well as activates cell renewal. In addition enchanting action of paraffin baths is due to antistress effect.

“Tropical” paraffin moisturizing procedure exercises softening, nourishing, and healing action at skin dryness and peeling. There is the complex of nutritional oils in paraffin, these are peach oil, exotic manoah oil, softening avocado and coconut oil.

Toning procedure based on tea tree oil and ginger extract paraffin restores the skin and improves its condition, it has immunomodulatory effect and improves skin elasticity.

Wine paraffin therapy procedure is truly special. It is especially recommended for anti-aging care. Both doctors, and philosophers, and gave credit for benefit of wine. Bioactive agents that compose different types of wines have unrivaled antioxidant properties, they remove waste and toxins, improve immunity and skin protective functions. After such refined and unusual care clients will be surprised with body silk, smoothness and moisture of the skin.

Medications that prepare skin for epilation procedures, paraffin therapy and subsequent result sustenance contain ingredients that minimize feeling of discomfort, prepare skin for subsequent procedures.

Thus Depilica Professional™ conceptual approach to suite formation gives options to extend and vary the menu of the salon and epilation specialist that can help to bring in more clients and satisfy the requests of the most demanding of them.