Depilica Professional™:beauty-event for skin!


In April last year “NikOle” center brought to market new Spanish brand Depilica Professional TM. It combines conceptual epilation and skin care.

Due to collaboration with PhytoLab Company, the largest manufacturer of cosmetic products in Europe, a unique “program product” was made. It was conceptual wax epilation and paraffin therapy, ready-made procedures that give additional possibilities to the professionals and their clients. However, Depilica Professional TM offers product suite that completely form the procedure itself, as well as before and post epilation care. In this issue of magazine we can consider in depth the suite, Depilica Professional TM wax peculiarities and advantages. But firstly we would like to focus reader’s attention on why new brand is called “epilation” but not “depilation”. The differentiation of meanings of depilation and epilation is one of the most debating points in modern cosmetology. It is widely accepted that depilation is cutaneous part of hair removal without follicle damage (shaving is the most common way of depilation). Epilation procedure is the complete hair removal, retardation or inhibition of hair growth (laser epilation is the classic type of epilation). It was considered for a long time that waxing is depilation as used materials didn’t allow to damage follicle for long time. Very often hair broke in subcutaneous layers which gave sense of smooth skin not for long time.

But specialists of PhytoLab Company could create products that can help achieve epilation effect at combined use. Due to good Depilica Professional TM wax adhesion and its ability to enter the follicle the hair can be removed completely along with “root”. Hair becomes lighter and weaker at regular care with help of Depilica Professional TM brand. They grow very slowly and some time later hair growth cessation is possible. As a rule, beauty industry specialists prefer wax due to its high efficiency and profitability of the procedure. Wax can be used very effectively, the procedure is very fast which is the reson of low cost of single session. Clients prefer wax epilation because of long term result and effect of naturally smooth and soft skin. The surface layer of dead cells removes along with hair. It stimulates further epidermis regeneration.

Depilica Professional TM can offer still more to you and your clients. Conceptual epilation from Depilica Professional TM is fast, effective, and painless procedure. Due to large variety of waxes you can create the most diverse and exclusive care programs. It will be natural beauty-event for your client. Speaking of exclusiveness we mean luxe epilation procedures with black truffle and argan wax which combine comfort and relaxation of spa-care and fabulous long-term effect. Detailed information about waxes with argan oil and black truffle extract was in last issue of the newspaper. It this issue we can provide more detailed information about other types.

So Depilica Professional TM offers warm, hot and film waxes. Their basis is Brazil and Spanish pine resin, as well as natural components which provide good consistency to product and careful skin care. Pine resin wax has transparent texture and is recommended for novice experts. Plant oils in wax effectively care of the skin, make it delicate and soft. Translucent olive oil wax contains purified first cold pressing olive oil and plant oils complex. Argan oil wax also has translucent texture. Its anti-inflammatory and restoring properties provide comfort epilation. Black and pearl opaque black truffle wax exercises effective and restoring action, improves skin condition. Fine component of this product is black truffle extract that inhibits hair growth. Rose wax has opaque creamy texture. Due to plant oils complex and titanium dioxide it exercises smoothing and calming action to skin. Depilica Professional TM hot waxes are available in granule form. It significantly simplifies work with the product. The brand offers two types of hot wax. Olive oil wax has translucent texture and contains purified first cold pressing olive oil which exercises smoothing and calming action to the skin. Rose wax with soft creamy texture has special flexibility. Titanium dioxide in its composition exercises significant softening action. Depilica Professional TM film waxes are flexible and have good adhesion. Argana oil wax has translucent pearl texture. It is recommended for facial and intimate zones epilation. Soft and creamy wax for intimate epilation contains milk peptides which prevent skin irritation and exercise healing effect. Due to such rich suite you can choose the product according to area of epilation, as well as individual clients’ preferences.

As we mentioned beforeconceptual epilation procedure completely forms at the expense of Depilica Professional TM:

1. As first step Cleansing Lotion should be used. It will prepare skin for epilation and prevent redness.

2. Right after that there goes epilation procedure. Detailed information presented in the table shows what type of wax is suitable for areas and skin types.

3. Remove wax remnants with help of Cleansing Oil after the epilation. It deeply nourishes and softens the skin and it suits perfectly even for sensitive skin prone to irritation.

4. To calm and moist the skin apply Cooling Plant Gel or Nourishing Milk as being finishing step of the procedure. Cooling Plant Gel contains unique combination of 12 plant extracts and menthol. It is perfect for sensitive skin. And Nourishing Milk enriched with pure avocado oil, vitamins A and E, deeply moists and balances the skin. Don’t forget to explain to the client how important to follow the recommendations about subsequent home care and endure the frequency of the procedures.